6.2ft x 3.10ft Trailer - Hire Trailer

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6.2ft x 3.10ft (191cm x 121cm x 40cm) galvanised trailer

Gross weight - 499kg, Unladen weight - 130kg, Load weight capacity - 369kg

Internal body dimensions - 186cm x 116cm x 32cm

External box size - 191cm x 121cm x 40cm

Load space area - 2.16m2, Load space volume - 0.69m3

Recessed lights

Tailgate that flips upwards

Robust, corrosion resistant galvanised steel construction

Fully type approved with certificate of conformity and VIN plate

Hire Terms and conditions apply

Deposit required 

Available for collection ready to tow away.

Contact us if you would like to hire this trailer or book through our website.