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To able to tow a trailer, you need to have a full car license and license to tow a trailer (depending on when you obtained your car license). Please take a look and familiarise yourself with the different driving license categories here.

How do i get a trailer towing licence?
First of all, you will need a driving license (a Category B at least).  Then, you need to apply to take a test to get your Category E license, or a C1 license if you are towing a larger trailer/vehicle.  

What trailer will I be able to tow when I have a license?

If you received your license before 1/1/1997, you qualify to tow trailers of a weight up to 8,250 kg.  However, if your license has been restricted, your allowance may have changed.

If you gained your license since 19/1/2013, you will also need the Category E license to tow a trailer. The trailer and vehicle cannot weigh more than 7,500kg.

If you obtained your license between 1/1/1997-19/1/2013, you will also need the Category E license.  However, you are able to tow heavier trailers such as caravans.

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